There's no place like home ...

As a young aspiring songwriter and musician growing up in Mackay, I always dreamt of being a professional performer one day despite being extremely shy. Gazing from my bedroom window and playing guitar (quite badly then!), I thought a town as small as Mackay would never offer any exciting musical opportunities and I couldn't wait to escape to the "big city" down south. 

Yet only a few years after I left home, an amazing music festival formed just down the road from where I'd lived and attended school. Sadly I didn't discover this until many songs later, but after twenty years Wintermoon Festival is still going strong and I'm completely hooked now. I wish I hadn't stayed away for so long. The beautiful people, the incredible music, the stunning location ... so much to love. These days I can't wait to escape FROM the city!

This year will be my third time at Wintermoon, second time as a booked performer, and first time performing solo.

But every time it feels like coming home.

Wintermoon Festival |  4 - 7 May 2018 | Brodies Rd, Mount Charlton QLD 4741