The new CD has arrived!

A few years ago I set myself a goal to record my first CD. Despite many years of performing and recording for other musicians and producing a couple of singles, I'd never actually produced an entire collection of my own work ... until now!

In July last year, I started recording with Michael Whiticker at the Sound Space. The end result is a diverse collection of some of my favourite songs.  It really has been an amazing process creating something I can be proud of and share with the beautiful people who support what I do. 

These boxes of shiny new CDs arrived today. I'd almost forgotten they were coming and wondered who the delivery van outside was for. I think these photos capture my initial reaction of immense joy perfectly. I'm not sure why I shoved my head in the box but it seemed strangely appropriate at the time.

The online shop via the MUSIC/STORE tab is now OPEN or come and grab a copy at one of my live performances.